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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Submit an Article to the IPCA Web site

IPCA members can submit articles to the website using the Submit News items that appears in the User Menu. You must be logged on to the site to see the User Menu and use the Submit News feature.

Tip Write the article in a plain text editor without formatting, then paste the content into the editor and add formatting.

To submit an article, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the IPCA site.

  2. Select the Submit News in the User Menu.

  3. Enter the Title.

  4. In the Text area, paste in the text of the article.

    • You can use the toolbar icons to format text. However, specialty fonts, etc. aren't supported by the system. For readability, please use the default font. You can add headings, tables, and paste text into the text areas.

  5. Insert images if desired. See these instructions.
  6. Select the appropriate section and category for the article.

  7. Click the Save in the upper right corner.


Once entered, items are sent to the Web Content Editor for approval, then posted to the site, usually within 24 hours.

*When submitting Events announcements, don't forget to add the event to the Calendar as well.