Applicant Artists - Functional Containers

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Claire Fairweather

Claire Fairweather


This candle holder interprets the theme ‘To Boldly Go’ in terms of adventurous exploration. The simple figure is bold, climbing up the side of the container, not knowing what may be inside. As he peaks over the rim, there is a sense of danger, as he sees the flickering flame of the tea light candle within. Polymer retro canes cover the glass candle holder in a thin veneer, so the light within can shine through, where translucent colours have been used in the canes. The figure has been sculpted from white polymer and kept very simple so as not to detract from the pattern on the vessel. Polymer clay over glass candle holder.

Dimensions: 4 3/4 inches (12 cm) in diameter x 3 1/2 inches (9 cm) high

Linda Leach

Linda Leach

4 Petal Bowl

As with all my work I love experimenting with mixed materials. Taking the brass strips and hammering one edge produced a lovely curved edge for the “petals” of this bowl. The petals were then laced together with brass wire and filled in with scrap clay.

Black and white Etching Alternative© veneers were made from hand drawn etched copper plates and cut to fit both sides of each petal. An alizarin to red gradient was created to surround each panel and meld the bowl together. The bowl sits on a round of red clay. It’s very heavy with all the layers.

Measures 7 ½” round x 2 ¾” high

Kathryn Corbin

Kathryn Corbin

Pompeii Pentimento vase

Polymer clay, pastels

Height: 6”.

In exploring ways to enlarge the scale of vessels made entirely of polymer clay (not supported by or built over any other material or pre-existing form), I have discovered the potential of composite forms, in this case a half sphere and a cone. Because I prefer to work directly with a mixed bag of texture, carving, crackled pastel-colored veneers and applied color (cane bits, pastels, paint and alcohol markers) in very thin layers, I am able to treat the resulting form as a canvas for spontaneous design. To emphasize the fragmented appearance I was after, I worked with the colors of faded frescos and tones complimentary to the weeds and wildflowers that grow amid ruins.

Madlen Leitman

Madlen Leitman

Guiding Star

Lamp of 21 cm.

Materials: backing polymerclay, glass beads, paint, electric lamp

This magic lamp will please you at any time. Gentle transitions and tropical flowers will turn into the fairy tale of the playing fires at night.