Emerging Artists - Mixed Media

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Yen Lotherington

Yen Lotherington


As a MM bas relief artist, I have worked predominantly with air dry clays, paper, wood and acrylic gels. Then some years ago, my daughter took an art class in polymer clay. I played with it a little with her but did not pursue it.

Then I noticed more and more pictures of beautiful polymer clay creations with very diverse finishes, posted on the internet. This piqued my interest so last year, I decided “to boldly go” with polymer clay.

My evolutionary “Tree of Life” is my first piece made substantially from this material. All of the 81 animals (except the ants, dragonfly and brittle star), are made from polymer clay.

As it was my first attempt with this medium, I made a small mountain of mistakes on my way to developing the final animals. It certainly was challenging but it was a very rewarding experience too.

I enjoy the amazing versatility of polymer clay and intend to work more in this medium in future.

Materials: Polymer Clay, Sukerukun Resin Clay, Coarse Pumice Gel, Pouring Gel, Glitter, Acrylic Paint Dimensions: 78cm X 58cm (31 inches X 23 inches)

幹子	伊鍋 (Masako Inabe)

幹子 伊鍋 (Masako Inabe)

Washi lamp

I used Japanese traditional craft paper "washi" and "wood"

Beverly Chesterby

Beverly Chesterby

Desert Driftwood Brooch #1

The Desert Driftwood jewelry features polymer clay with bits of weathered manzanita picked up on my hikes in the high desert foothills of central Arizona. I wanted to find a way to combine these delicious little wooden pieces with polymer clay and had that "ah-ha" moment when I saw pictures of painted sticks. Each piece offers an opportunity for an individual "design dialog." The wood pretty much is what it is and my job is to pay attention and see where it leads me.

Polymer Clay and Weathered Manzanita

3-1/4" x 1" x 1/2"

Beverly Chesterby

Beverly Chesterby

Desert Driftwood Brooch Pair

The two pieces of wood in this brooch pair are from the same old manzanita skeleton. In the arid high desert climate, the branches take many years to decompose. They just break into smaller and smaller pieces of very hard wood. These aren't broken to size, but were found together and just seemed to want to stay that way. They were in the morning shadow of an eleven foot granite "chimney" in our foothills that looks just like the figure of a pregnant woman. Her name is Eve and she is 1.735 billion (yes, with a "b") years old!

Polymer Clay and Weathered Manzanita

5-3/8" x 1/2" x 1/2" (each)

Beverly Chesterby

Beverly Chesterby

Desert Driftwood Brooch #3

What can I say? The weird design dialog with this stubby piece of manzanita amused me all along the way. It's not at all what I consider "my style," but it just seemed to want to turn out like this. I live in a remote mountainous off-grid location at the edge of the National Forest. While I haven't personally had any UFO sightings or been abducted by aliens or anything like that, this is exactly the kind of place you'd expect it. If this brooch looks a little "other worldly" it really isn't my fault. Just sayin'...

Polymer Clay, Weathered Manzanita, Mica Powder

4-1/4" x 1-1/2" x 3/4"